KONG is renowned for high quality and durability, KONG HandiPOD has been developed to bring dog walkers useful solutions for when they are out and about.

There are many reasons to need hand sanitiser "on the go" when out and about with your dog.

Accidents with poo bags and slobbery tennis balls in the park to name just two.

The KONG HandiPOD CLEAN dispenser combines a poo bag dispenser with a useful anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

The bags included are degradable, very high quality and have tie handles.

The hand gel is independently proven effective against germs, leaving hands feeling clean and refreshed with no sticky residue.

The unit is made from high quality ABS plastic is double rubber coated.

There is a useful carabiner to easily attach to clothing or a lead.

KONG HandiPOD CLEAN refill packs are available and contain bags and a gel pod.

KONG HandiPOD CLEAN Dispenser

    •  Refils available
    • Degradable bags